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2022 Charitable Initiatives Update


Earlier this year we ran two initiatives designed to support charitable organizations bringing love and light to the world. We’re excited to finally share more about how those initiatives went, and all the good you all did as a community!

We apologize for the delay in sharing this information with you. We’re still learning a lot about how to best interact with charities and this year we were held up by new reporting requirements. We commit to more timely updates in the future.

Days of Nature

This year you all raised an incredible $805,162 in support of clean oceans around the world. The Ocean Cleanup, who we also partnered with last year, is a charitable organization aiming to stop plastic from entering the ocean by cutting it off at one of its sources. Through the use of their Interceptor technology, they’re aiming to take on the world’s 1000 most polluted rivers, where roughly 80% of plastic waste that makes it to the ocean originates from.

We’re big fans of what The Ocean Cleanup is doing, and we talk to them regularly about their vision and how we can continue to work to support their mission. Like us, they’re trying to build and innovate in their space in order to build a better, bluer world. Through your charitable donations we are directly involved in the creation of a new Interceptor being built right now in Indonesia.

We’ll be arranging Q&A sessions with their team in the future and would love to know what questions you may have for them about the work they’re doing.

Days of Rainbow

Additionally, we once again worked with The Trevor Project for the Days of Rainbow event, and thanks to your generous contributions raised $287,093.78. The Trevor Project is the world’s largest suicide prevention and mental health organization for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning (LGBTQ) young people. They do important work and provide support all over the world, and have recently expanded their operations to Mexico.

Earlier this the year The Trevor Project was kind enough to give the studio a presentation detailing the lifesaving work they do, and to educate us on how we can be better allies to the LGBTQ community. It was a great experience, and we’re excited to share more in the future about our work with them, as well as to get your questions for future Q&As.

Going Forward

As we mentioned at the top of the blog, we learned a lot about how best to partner with charitable organizations this year to share our collective light with the world. We want to leverage these lessons, as well as best practices we’ve picked up from how other studios approach charity and do a better job with this sort of thing in the future.

Thank you for your patience with us as we continue to learn, and for raising more than a million dollars in-total for charitable causes this year! That’s HUGE, and a reflection of the passion and kindness of our global Sky community. All of us at the studio are always so, so proud to work on your behalf and represent you to partners.

Be sure to send us your questions for upcoming charity Q&As on any of our official social media channels! It’s important to us that our engagement with these charities go beyond the donation, and give you the opportunity to engage with these wonderful groups and their critical missions.

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